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Working closely

Out running again this morning – an hour of emails from 5.30am and then off for a 45-minute jog. This morning its cold and frosty in Farnham and I plod along the surrounding country lanes, passed by an endless line of commuters making their way into nearby Guildford or on to London by train. At times like that I recall the benefit of self-employment and the absence of commuting from my life. Today I am working with Tim Thackrah at Elmsleigh House Dental Clinic – my most successful client in UK dentistry. This morning, Tim and will just have a good conversation across his kitchen table, then the afternoon will be spent presenting to his team in the practice. We discussed our agenda last night and will be focusing on marketing the general dentistry into the local community and his referral specialist services to other local dentists. I spend 2 days a quarter in Farnham, the first (yesterday) presenting a workshop and the second working with Tim and his team. Both days fill me with job satisfaction and self-esteem. Yesterday, Tim shared with our workshop delegates the benefits of the three years we have worked together: 1. less stress; 2. more time away from work; 3. a happier and better paid team; 4. a 100% increase in gross revenues; 5. a 100% increase in team members (that’s why he can take so much more time off) and 6. a 20/30% increase in profit. That makes me feel great today.

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