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Why time management isn't the problem

Last month we conducted an extensive survey of over 160 clients in The Extreme Business community and, as well as asking them what they wanted to see more and less of from us, we also asked for a comment on their biggest current challenges.

I’ve written elsewhere about “recruitment, retention and remuneration”.

The short-term impact of the “ping-demic” and the longer-term impact of people leaving dentistry are collectively going to change the landscape over the months ahead.

One sure thing is that the operating costs of dental practice (which, of course, include payroll) and the variable costs (which include payments to self-employed fee-earners) will increase.

I also fear that the current series of landmark cases on vicarious liability will draw the attention of HMRC once again to the tax status of clinicians. That’s a very slow burn but, in an economy recovering from a record national debt burden there is, at the very least, an increased risk.

All of this must, ultimately, either be absorbed by owners (shareholders) as reduced profit or passed on to patients as increased costs.

Fortune will favour the brave in that respect.

Read the full article in our August newsletter HERE.

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