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Why there is no point in hiring a coach if it means that you will have more to do

You can’t do it all by yourself.

There’s too much to do nowadays.

You have to delegate.

Let’s just spend a moment thinking about that.

Step 1

Take a sheet of paper.

Draw a vertical line down the middle.

Left hand column – title – ONLY ME – things that only you can do/must do/should do.

Be honest – we know you are a multi-tasking genius, you are efficient, but are you effective?

Right hand column – title – EVERYTHING ELSE.

Step 2

Populate the left hand list. Keep it simple. Keep it brief.

(My list – coaching, content development, speaking, writing – that’s it).

Step 3

Throw everything else over to the right hand side.

Make sure the right hand list is all done by other people:

  1. support team

  2. freelancers

  3. consultants

All of them charge an hourly rate less than you do.

Step 4

Repeat every day.


I avoid giving overworked owners more things to add to their list – who wants to get back a month later and find little or nothing has been done – client and coach frustrated.

Which is why, when I’m interviewing for a new client, one of my most important questions is:

“I’m going to suggest lots more things for you to do to grow your business – who is going to do the work? It’s not allowed to be you.”

Sometimes we even have to recruit before I can coach.

Better that (and the delay) than more items on your list.

With or without a coach – you can’t do it all – don’t kill yourself trying – it ain’t worth it.

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