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Why the patient video testimonial has become super-important in your marketing

Things to note about patient testimonial videos:

  1. there is increasing evidence within my client base that, if you include a strong patient video testimonial on your home page, you can reduce your bounce rate by up to a half (or, to put it another way, double the number of visitors who stick around on the site);

  2. that was patient video testimonial – not the homage to the beauty of the practice premises, people and Principal – the PATIENT!

  3. other patient videos are a very effective way of delivering human interest marketing and will frequently get more views that anything else you publish;

  4. technology gives us a variety of methods to publish – here are some examples:

  5. Bronze – 60-seconds on Instagram;

  6. Silver – 2-minutes on Facebook and then stored on a branded YouTube channel

  7. Gold – 4-minutes created on and off site with a professional film-maker

All of the examples have a role to play in your marketing plan – a role that becomes increasingly important in the search for consumer attention.

A video of a “real” patient will beat any practice video, stock photo or social media post in engagement terms and has much higher chance of being shared than most other things you do.

As to the technology:

  1. Bronze – iPhone;

  2. Silver – an iPhone or decent camera with adequate lighting and sound;

  3. Gold – outsourced to a professional video company who know the tricks of the trade

If you want to get noticed, enrol your patients as your video stars.

Examples of practices using video really well:

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