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Why is Coach Barrow back?

Funny thing about living life in the public domain via journaling, social media and publishing. The more you tell people about yourself;

  1. the more they want to know and

  2. the more they check up on you – just to see if what you say is true or some kind of B/S to sell products/services

  3. the more they want you to explain why you do what you do – if you do something new or different.

I had some feedback during the week that “some people” were asking what this “Coach Barrow” thing was about, if, as I suggest, I’m up to my neck in being Business Development Director for BKH – and working with the BKH team on the development of Same Day Smiles? So – two comments follow – one about what I’m doing and the other about “some people”. What am I doing?

  1. I’ve been asked to help a client who is not in any way connected with dentistry but needs a mentor

  2. I’m still interested in an area called “life coaching” as opposed to “business coaching”

  3. I’m becoming fascinated by the role of social media and the internet in e-learning (with application both inside and out of dentistry)

On the first point – I discussed with Al Kwong Hing last Autumn, the request outside of dentistry and we agreed that it would be OK for me to invest a little time in this. I’m currently working for one company as a business mentor – I doubt that will increase – and the founder of the company is a close personal friend who asked for my help in strategic development. On the second point – I’ve have never liked the term “life coaching” as it has association with styles and philosophies that I don’t adhere to. But if we redefine this as “personal development” as opposed to “professional development” – I like the idea of working with private individuals who are looking for a life plan that embraces all aspects:

  1. self

  2. physical

  3. family

  4. social

  5. emotional

  6. intellectual

  7. spiritual

and (maybe its the recession) there seems to have been a resurgence of interest in this – quiet since the end of the 90′s – now back – people searching for Maslow’s self-actualisation. On the third point – I have re-energised a long friendship with Nicola Cairncross to take a look at the latest technology around e-learning – because it interests me creatively. We have lived with blogs, podcasts, webinars, videos and downloads for well over 10 years now but the meteoric growth in social media content and connection is opening new channels, technologies and philosophies of communication. People like Seth Godin (The Icarus Deception) are the thought leaders here, imagining a truly connected world sharing information and knowledge. People like Nicola are pragmatically turning imagination into products and services that are timely and relevant. The final outcome must be clients who are making better lives for themselves – its the “how we do that” that has engaged my attention. So there we are – Coach Barrow is an exercise in training, coaching and mentoring that combines my 43 years experience with 2013 technology. I’m not actively looking for clients to mentor – but we will be looking for clients who want to embrace modern e-learning for personal development. The Get Your Year in Gear programme (for January only) is proving to be a great way to beta-test some ideas (as well as creating a positive focus community) – we are learning a lot and having some fun. Keep connected to the web site at to follow the evolution of this art project (as Godin would describe it). Coach Barrow is my focus, my career and my passion. Coach Barrow is my art.

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