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Why I’m going to the Bridge2Aid annual conference (and why you should as well)

I’m really looking forward to speaking at the Bridge2Aid conference on Saturday 24th June in central Birmingham (5 minutes walk from New Street Station).

It’s an organisation I’ve been involved with for almost 10 years now, and Annie’s friendship with Mark Topley the CEO goes way back to 2004.

I say ‘organisation’ but B2A, for many reasons, is a lot more than that. ‘Family’ is a word that gets used a lot, ‘tribe’ may be more accessible.

Whatever description, the people involved in B2A are a lot of fun to be around and are achieving some fantastic things together in East Africa.

The June event is a real mix. The team have worked hard to put together a programme that will appeal to everyone.

If you’re new to the charity and just curious, there is some great CPD as well as the opportunity to learn more about what this B2A vibe is all about.

It’s also well set up for the reunions that I am sure will take place for the B2A enthusiasts – the people who have volunteered in Tanzania and been part of the fundraising and support scene in the UK and overseas.

There will be a series of updates from CEO Mark Topley, from co-founder Ian Wilson plus others on the team, as well as presentations from myself, Colin Campbell and Les Jones, then a talk I am really looking forward to – Prof David Williams on the place of B2A’s work in the global oral health scene.

Oh, and the obligatory meal out together after the ‘main’ event, as well as, I am sure, a few drinks after.

You still have some time to sign up – we’ll all be there in Birmingham on Saturday 24th June, and all details are on the end of the link below.

Being members of the B2A family has been an integral and very rewarding part of our lives for a long time – B2A events are always red letter days in the calendar, no matter what the occasion.

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