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Thank you – we did it!

First day back at work after our mid-November break at the beautiful Rosie’s Barn in Butterwick, Cumbria (by the way – if you want a superb location for two people to get off the grid – this is it).

This post will be brief as I have a lot of catch up to get to grips with – but I wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to the 5 practices who have now taken up the “free-coaching” offer I made in connection with the Bridge2Aid Unity Partnership programme.

Together, we have raised £15,000 and will be responsible for the training of 5 more Health Workers and for bringing emergency pain relief to 50,000 people in rural Tanzania.

The Unity Partnership programme is still open and Bridge2Aid are still looking for those who wish to help with this excellent cause – you can find out more HERE.

It warms my heart to see how quickly and how well the dental community have responded – yet again – first to FiveGoForth and now to Unity Partnership.

Thank you = you are fantastic.

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