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Why do the clients who can pay, pay?

We were discussing this issue here in Toronto on Wednesday. In other words, why do people actually hire a business coach? 1. Because they do not have enough: Time Money of the right People in their team 2. Because they have feelings of: Quiet desperation Low self-esteem Frustration Lack of focus/direction Fear Overwhelm 3. Because they have a business which is: a start-up failing plateauing ready to sell. And, of course, because they woke up that morning, having had enough of the situation and ready to do something different. The secret is to be there (in their minds) when they wake up. That’s called marketing. And to ask them to join your programme. That’s called sales. The more I do this I realise that coaching is a sales-driven business just like any other – and so I’m regressing back to my days as a financial planner and re-building lead generation and lead conversion systems.

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