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Why are you doing this?

There's a puzzle that every mixed or private general dental practice owner now has to solve - every week:

  1. Which configuration of surgeries will allow me to minimise fallow time?

  2. What will that fallow time be, given my adherence to guidelines and my own risk assessment of mitigating features?

  3. How long can any of us last in this PPE?

  4. What can I then offer as available times for non-AGP and AGP appointments?

  5. How many sessions can I then offer?

  6. Which clinicians do I then bring back, when and in what order?

  7. Which team members do I then bring back to support them, when, in what order and to fulfill which roles?

  8. Which patients do I then see, when and in what order?

Oh - and by the way...

  1. What hourly rate do I need to charge out for various services?

  2. How am I going to charge (if at all) for PPE?

  3. What can I pay my clinicians that's fair to all?

Then, at the end of every session:

  1. What went right?

  2. What went wrong?

  3. What do we have to change?

It's a Darwinian process of continuous adaptation.

The fittest (i.e. the most agile and adaptable) will survive.

Nobody ever said that running your own business was going to be easy but this is a challenge that is stretching everyone to their limits.

So let me remind you why you are doing this.

  1. Because it is providing for your basic physiological needs;

  2. Because it is how you are providing safety and security for your tribe;

  3. Because you feel a sense of connection with your family, your team, your clinicians, your patients and your community;

  4. Because it gives you a sense of self-esteem;

  5. Because this is your moment.

Sound familiar?

Yes - Maslow - all the way.

You've made it through another week - well done - get Friday done - and then get some rest.

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