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Why am I waiting outside when I can go to the pub?

Reports abound of stroppy patients asking why you are still socially distancing, still in PPE, when lockdown is easing?

Add to that those that are complaining about waiting lists and your catch up plans for plan patients.

It can create some nasty reviews - such as this from yesterday:

If there's one thing we know about Brits, it's that we don't like a queue.

However, unlike some of our friends from warmer climes, we tend not to make a fuss there and then, rather to exact a cold revenge by grumbling, either in person or (nowadays) online.

More important than ever that your Front of House team are well versed in offering logical explanations for the way things are - so as to avoid the type of comments made above.


If I called together your FOH team this morning and asked them how they answer some very contemporary FAQs, would they be confident?

  • Are you taking on new NHS patients?

  • Why am I still waiting outside to be called in?

  • What's with all this PPE when the pubs and restaurants are open?

  • Why do I have to wait until August for an appointment?

  • When are you going to catch up with my hygiene?

And so on.

We will be covering these questions (and others) in our Front of House Development Programme tomorrow lunchtime, as well as how to calm down the really stroppy folks before they reach for their device and start writing 1-star reviews.

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