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Why all of this “taking sides”?

There seems to be a conversation “out there” that private dentistry is somehow in opposition to NHS dentistry.

That corporates are in opposition to independents (and each other).

That the PCT’s are in opposition to principals.

That associates are in opposition to owners.

There has to be “opposition” to keep some people engaged to the extent that they don’t look at themselves in the mirror.

Stephen Covey famously quotes:

“If there is a problem with your team, the problem is you.”

I’d like to extend that.

“If there’s a problem with your business, the problem is you.”

Stop bloody well complaining about:

  1. the Government

  2. the banks

  3. the economy

  4. the patients

  5. the staff

  6. the associates

  7. the Inland Revenue

  8. the kids

  9. the weather

  10. the airline/train-line/traffic jam/call centre

  11. the regulators

and sort it out.

It’s simple.

There is plenty of business out there.

If you set out to help people – they will help you.

And if you work hard enough and are well focused, you can succeed in any endeavour.

By the way – I’m speaking to myself here as well!

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