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Whose story are you telling? The simple guide to marketing that works.

Prompted by a question I was asked yesterday on a private dental Facebook Group in India.

The gist of the question was WHERE do we do our marketing – digital, print media, broadcast or what?

In a world of noise, a world in which it is becoming harder to get the attention of an audience, the most important question in marketing is WHOSE STORY ARE YOU TELLING?

In my experience, it matters not so much HOW you tell your story as much as WHOSE story you tell.

Those who know me, know that I’m only interested in one story – and that’s the story of how you made a positive difference in the life of another person with whom I can identify.

That’s either because you solved the same problem that I have (in which case I may contact you) or you solved a similar problem to that experienced by someone I care for (in which case I may share the story with them).

My clients who are doing the best marketing are (with consent) telling stories about their patients.

Stories told digitally in email newsletters, blog posts, photographs, reviews and video testimonials.

Stories told in brochures, free downloads, welcome packs, business referral cards, posters and pop-ups.

Stories told in magazines, newspapers and radio advertising – even three clients who have told patient stories as TV adverts in the UK and Ireland.

Marketing is simple.

1. find an emotional patient story;

2. get consent;

3. tell everyone you can, in every way you can think of;

4. Repeat relentlessly.

The patients are the stars of your show.

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