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Who is going to spin the plates while you do the dentistry?

Every year that goes by there is more to do.

There are more plates to spin and it’s getting harder to run up and down the row of plates and keep them spinning.

Just when you think you’ve got things under control at one end, you look down the row and there is a plate, wobbling as it loses momentum.

That’s why, if you are considering the purchase of a dental practice, or thinking about opening your own squat practice; if you are keen to grow an existing practice to realise it’s full potential or you want to expand to multiple locations – the #1 question I’m going to ask as your business coach is:

Who is going to spin the plates while you do the dentistry?

There are only three possible answers to my question:

  1. I’m going to spin the plates because I’m giving up the dentistry;

  2. I’m married to the manager and he/she is going to spin the plates;

  3. I’m going to make absolutely sure that my manager(s) is a linchpin – an indispensably good person, paid the best to do their best.

Nowadays, I seem to be spending more time than ever helping to identify, promote, recruit, train, coach and mentor amazing plate spinners.

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