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Who is doing what in your team? A guest post by Lisa Bainham

The last couple of years have given us a barrel load of changes in our teams and dental practices.

We’ve been firefighting problems and trying to find workable solutions and this has meant for many that some systems, protocols, and ways of working have had to be side-lined. This has affected the smooth running of the practice, quite likely the bottom line and without a doubt our patients and teams.

Many of us have seen a high turnover of team members and have been working our PM butts off to bring new people on board.

Even when we have been able to recruit it has left our teams and systems fragmented and unorganised.

"So what the are we supposed to do Lisa?", I hear you ask

We embrace the new normal and make it work for us….nothing can be harder than the fallout we have worked throughout the pandemic.

We re-group, we organise, focus and we march on as a solid team that understands their mission in the patient journey.


Communication is key, speak to your team and create an organisation chart.

Every person in the team needs to understand their roles and your expectations for starters.

Create an organisation chart that displays these clearly. You don’t need to do a vertical hierarchy and leave the trainees at the bottom feeling deflated and inconsequential. We allow everyone to feel like an integral valued part of the team. Illustrate it horizontally.

Blame systems not people, let’s move forward from everyone doing just what is needed to survive the day.

Prioritise time to audit your systems (not another bloody audit, I hear you scream!! But how else can you understand what is being done well and what needs improving) and let’s face it, we are all expert auditors now anyway!

· Implement an improvement plan

· Ensure everyone understands the why and how of the systems

· Provide training if the team doesn’t understand what is required of them

· Promote accountability. The improvement plan is non-negotiable, but confirm that you are happy to receive constructive feedback for improvement to the improvement plans.

· Open communication opportunities (meetings, one to ones, literally any way necessary to let their voices be heard) – communicate with each other effectively and with you to ensure the systems are a success.

The success of the practice relies on everybody’s role being as important. No marketing, no new patients, no superstar receptionists, no bums in seats in surgeries….nothing!

All too often I see team members isolated in their own roles and not understanding how individual roles funnel into the practice and team as a whole!

“It’s not my job” “I don’t do that” “I don’t know how to do that” “We don’t do it like that” “I don’t know who is supposed to do that” or something I witnessed recently which made my blood boil, a big fat “No”

Amazing teams need each other, respect each other, and understand each other’s roles, so paint that picture and get an organisation chart done!!

Don’t know where to start? Let me help! Contact me if you would like me to point you in the right direction of organisation bliss! Your team will thank you for it I promise, and it's completely FREE!

To request a free organisational chart....... or Whatsapp me on 07964867286.

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