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Whiter than white

A date for your diaries here if Tooth Whitening is part of your marketing and product mix (or you want it to be a more valuable profit centre in your business).

The BDA have put together what could be described as the most comprehensive one-day conference on the subject, with the following learning objectives:

  1. Confront teeth whitening myths and facts and know what actually works

  2. Treat discoloured teeth using safe, predictable and legal internal bleaching

  3. Consider how resin infiltration can be used in the treatment of superficial and deep white spot lesions

  4. Understand clinical issues for predictable whitening

  5. Use digital marketing to attract patients for whitening

  6. Make whitening the profit centre of your practice

  7. Discuss the latest whitening protocols – is power bleaching dead?

You can download the brochure below in which you will see an impressive line up of speakers:

Sia Merfendereski

Sandeep Kumar

Dipesh Parmar

Richard Field (Leeds)

Simon Chard (London)

Payman Langhroudi

Zaki Kanaan

I’ll be doing my bit to help with a session on making the best use of digital marketing to attract whitening patients.

LEEDS | Friday 23 September 2016

LONDON | Friday 30 September 2016

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