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White Space is back

Since lockdown we have had over three years in which white space was a distant pre-Covid memory.

Now, white space is back.

Clients and others sharing with me that they are finding that those post-Covid queues are diminishing, that the waiting time for an appointment is getting shorter and that there are tell-take gaps in the diary.

Is it "the economy" or the fact that we have finally caught up?

Probably a combination of the two.

Last week, exclusively for The Extreme Business 100 community, I interviewed Lucie Simic on what to do about white space and it will be no surprise that we shared with our clients a checklist of urgent "must-dos".

  • Get those recall systems running properly;

  • Get your internal marketing systems running properly;

  • Get your morning huddles running properly;

  • Get your pipeline CRM systems running properly;

  • Get your TCOs and clinicians communicating properly.

And - to quote earlier posts - sell what's selling to the patients who are able to buy.

This is a time to renew your diligence on the daily activities which, if repeated diligently, will ensure that you stay busy as we approach the end of the year.

Relentless isn't it?

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