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Which Sunday evening WhatsApp would you prefer?

A simple and yet profound statement from Sarah Buxton at yesterday's Practice Plan regional workshop tour in Heathrow:

"you can either buy loyalty or earn it."

I reminded the audience of the two possible WhatsApp messages they could receive on a Sunday evening:

  1. "Hey Boss - just to let you know I'm leaving - I've accepted a sign-on fee and a pay rise from a competitor and so I'll be finishing at the end of the month."

  2. "Hey Boss - just to let you know that I've turned down a sign-on fee and a pay rise from one of our competitors because I love working for you and being a part of our team."

You get to choose which message you receive.

Mark Topley is taking a lot at the moment about how to be a Great Boss.

It strikes me that we all need to be listening to him.

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