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Which is the best Intraoral Scanner?

Listening to my clients debating the relative merits of this and that feature or functionality is fascinating.

Like Apple versus Android, Mercedes versus BMW, Greece versus Tenerife - it's just horses for courses.

The real issue with IOS is to get involved, trained and competent and then to understand that, although it is about you, in the sense that you need the right gear and the right idea - it's more than that:

  • It's about your team feeling as if they are involved with a practice in which they are improving their skill set, their job satisfaction and their career pathway;

  • It's about your patients feeling as if they have never been so well informed, so engaged in their own treatment planning and so confident in your ability;

  • It's about those same team members, clinicians and patients telling their family, friends and colleagues about the experience.

The best intraoral scanner is the one that you use.

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mandar joglekar
mandar joglekar
08. Feb. 2023

The best intraoral scanner is the one that you use.-- Chris Barrow 2023🤗

Gefällt mir
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