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Wherever I lay my hat – that's my home

Yours truly on a Tuesday afternoon conference call with Michel Neray of Esential Message fame and members of his bull-pen coaching group. Today (Wednesday) I begin my 3 days of mastermind coaching with a group of 10 coaches from North America and the UK – and this afternoon I have been listening to them coach me on the next stage of my business development! And at the end of our working day I learn that Liverpool have been beaten by A C Milan in the Champions League final. In spite of years of rivalry, I cannot escape a slight twinge of regret that the trophy has been won by a non-British club. Didn’t see the game after all – it would not have been fair to 8 of the coaches who hardly know what soccer is. Last night I walked from downtown Montreal to Le Plateau – a somewhat bohemian district of town, full of boutiques, restaurants and arty-farty stores. The arrival was great but the mistake was to walk all of the way there, through some decidedly dodgy parts of town. Passing prostitutes, drug-takers and homeless dog owners (that’s homeless people with dogs, not homeless dogs with people – although, in fact, it was homeless people with equally homeless dogs – it’s just that the dogs didn’t care) wasn’t my idea of an adventure and it was all a bit unsettling. Why do homeless people with dogs all have dreadlocks, wear black and put studs in their body-parts? Once through, the sightseeing became more civilised. Amazing how similar big cities are the world over – I would never have dreamed of walking around inner city Liverpool or Milan (I know them both) – so why I did that last night I don’t know. Moral – take a cab through the places you don’t know. The city world is slowly turning into a Blade-Runner set.

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