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What to do as the recession takes hold

Whether we like it or not – the media have their teeth into this now. Heather has left court with £24 million. Britney isn’t in prison or care at the moment. Amy is out of rehab. Al Fayed has had his day in court. So there’s not much scandal about and hacks are bored. So let’s talk up a recession shall we? And I am just beginning to hear the very first rumours of gappy books about the place – although the last two days in Bristol have been with clients whose appointment books are busting at the seams. However – just to keep you going, here’s a letter I designed with a client just this morning:

Dear  Â

 You will no doubt, like us, be watching the media continue to talk about “recession” — well we are delighted to say that the nationwide interest in cosmetic dentistry and facial rejuvenation shows no sign of slowing down — people want to “look good and feel good” even when times are tough.Having said that — like any business, we understand that, in a recession, we have to work that little bit harder to earn your loyalty and support as well as your custom.We would like to bring your attention our patient referral scheme. In addition to the monthly referral reward programme, where you have the chance to win a number of fabulous prizes whenever you recommend our services to your family and friends. We have introduced our gift voucher scheme. For every patient that you refer who subsequently registers you will be automatically sent a £10 gift voucher to use at Marks and Spencer’s. You will still be entered in the monthly prize draw. I have enclosed a small supply of our practice referral cards for your use. If you have any family, friends or colleagues who you think would be interested in our services, please pass one of these cards to them — and ask them to mention your name when they call to book an appointment.Thank you for supporting our business.

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