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What Star Wars teaches us about building a practice in which people want to work

This month we welcome back on old friend, Mark Topley, to talk about the current recruitment crisis in dentistry.

Well, actually, we start off with a bit of general banter but...

With dental nurses leaving the profession, lack of responses to recruitment advertising for all positions and a general fatigue and malaise in the workplace - how on earth does a busy Practice Manager or Principal keep and attract Ideal Team Players?

Mark shares with us the wisdom he has accumulated after years in leadership and in the charitable sector, as well as advising many current UK dental businesses on their CSR and Leadership strategies.

In this interview you will learn:

  • The 5 characteristics of a fabulous workplace;

  • Why pay and conditions for dental nurses are due for a reset;

  • How to become a loveable Boss - and why it is important;

  • The steps in building a sustainable culture of success;

  • Why leadership isn’t about YOU;

  • How to avoid a pay war;

  • What The Lord of the Rings and Star Wars teach us about how we should pitch our recruitment advertising.

Listen to the podcast now on your favourite podcast player or below:

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