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What people are really looking for on Google

Simon Alison at Coffee House Digital is the search engine optimiser and web consultant for one of my top clients, Elmsleigh House Dental Practice in Farnham, Surrey. We’ve been doing some research recently on just what people are looking for on Google in the Surrey area – and Simon writes to me as follows: “The top 10 searches in the general area of the words you provided and the local search volume (UK) for June are as follows:tooth whitening 74000 dental implant 18100 invisible braces 5400 tooth whitening system 4400 cost dental implants 3600 laser tooth whitening 3600 tooth whitening gel 2900 tooth whitening kit 2900 best tooth whitening 2400 home tooth whitening 2400

But that’s from a very broad set of keywords and perhaps doesn’t tell us too much – quality keyword research really needs to focus on an individual business’s offering in comparison with their key online competitors.” Whilst I understand Simon’s message that the actual SEO must be more specific to the practice and it’s offer – I still find it interesting to see that the overwhelming majority of web-based research is simply on the subject of whitening. The door opener. The sprat to catch the mackerel. Start by giving people what they want – it will get them in the door – and then you can weave your magic.

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