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What Nadim Majid said…

Here is another interesting response to my blog post Hi Chris, in response to you recent blog post – yes things are changing in the online world. I think the main thing is the increased competition in the PPC sector which is driving up the keyword value (which is good for Google) in terms of SEO I am seeing the same thing. So when there is competition then you just need to change strategy. 1. We are concentrating on conversion optimisation on the website running experiments and seeing what pages convert better and for what traffic and then this helps us to make best use of the traffic we gain weather that be PPC or organic 2. More use of integration of the phone system with the website we are using adinsight now and can track the keyword to the phone call and record the call as well and this enables us to locate a value to the keyword for example if a keyword is consisting a lot but is generating good sales of a high item then worth keeping 3. More integration of the off line marketing with online using social media stickers and also now using landing pages for more direct messages to target a specific demographic for a particular message 4. And we’re also continuing with offline marketing, more Word-of-Mouth and creating strategic alliances Nadim Majid Lifestyle Dental

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