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What is your cancellation policy?

I recently posted a blog about this topic and had some very interesting feedback which I wanted to share with you. If you have anything to add to these or want to comment on them, please feel free. Norman Bloom As they say in the city…”My word is my bond”.Unless there is a good reason they get one chance with an explanation and then the last chance where they are told to find another dentist.If there is an anaesthetist involved they have to pay in advance. Chris Barrow Norman – I agree. have never understood the “24” or “48” hour policy and have recommended a cancellation charge which can be waived in the event of a genuine emergency. Wrote a blog post yolks ago Amrish Gupta According to Market terms I think cancellation fee should be charged but credited back to patient if they don’t cancel any appointment in the next two years as it means that they will be loyal to practice and loyalty should be rewarded.

Megan Hatfield A recent introduction of getting a deposit for new patients of 50% of the fee (about £70) was interesting, many were reluctant to pay in advance and some didn’t book because of it. We’ve now changed it to £20 which is much better and doesn’t seem to put people off.

I don’t charge for cancellations at the moment.

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