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What is your brand in 2016?

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The 7connections web site is down at the moment whilst we switch hosts, so you have the pleasure of my personal blog for the next few days, through which I intend to continue commenting on the business of dentistry until this once more becomes my writer’s laboratory.

And so…..

There seem to be no end of explanations for and answers to the question “what is a brand?”

It is sometimes easier to begin by looking down the other end of the telescope.

Your brand is NOT:

  1. Your snazzy logo;

  2. Your colours;

  3. Your decor;

  4. Your dentistry;

  5. Your team;

  6. Your literature;

  7. Your advertising;

  8. Your marketing.

So what is it?

For some, your brand will be a positive experience and for others a negative experience.

You play to the positive people.

There will always be negative folks and they are free to look elsewhere (unless they are in a majority, in which case you need to fix your brand).

I’ve written recently about the unavoidable spotlight of your digital reputation.

You can’t beat a good face to face recommendation in a coffee bar, across the garden fence or in a wine bar.

But it’s the digital recommendation (or damnation) that travels much further.

Everything you now do and say can be posted, reviewed and commented on and every patient, team member and freelance clinician can be a brand ambassador or a brand saboteur.

So your brand IS the majority view of the people who create your digital reputation.

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