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  • Chris Barrow

Moments of Truth in the Patient Experience

I’m delighted to announce the launch of our third stand-alone course on The Extreme Business Academy platform:

“Moments of Truth in The Patient Experience.” "how to make sure that your patients become brand ambassadors, advocates and your unpaid salesforce"

1 hour 44 mins vCPD. 7 Modules. 18 learning resources.

The 7 modules of this online course will take you and your team on a journey through your practice from the patient’s eyes and it will identify what you need to deliver to encourage reviews, recommendations and successful treatment plan conversion.

The video modules, slides and downloadable PDFs collectively represent a complete in-house training resource that you can use over a series of lunch and learns or training sessions.

Just £179 or £139 for Academy members.

You can discover more at coachbarrow.com/extremebusinessacademy.