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What exactly are we doing?

The 1st March launch of the new web site and our corporate launch at The Dentistry Show are now over – it’s down to business. A number of people at The Show and via social media are asking: “just exactly what are BKH doing? Are you buying practices?” So, to set the record straight, let me tell you exactly what we are about. Dentistry

  1. we intend to open our own private squat practices

    1. in carefully selected locations

    2. with specific demographic groups in mind

    3. in a “hub and spoke” configuration with general practices feeding centres of excellence

  2. we intend to PARTNER with others who want to open their own private squat practices

    1. to provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work with people (us!) who have an existing track record of success in dentistry

    2. to support their requirement for seed capital

    3. to support their requirement for working capital

    4. to help them identify suitable locations

    5. to assist in branding, marketing and launch

    6. to provide ongoing management and training services

    7. to take a long-term equity stake in their business

  3. we intend to PARTNER with existing private practice owners who want to re-brand, refurbish and expand

    1. to support them in all respects as above

In essence we are interested in PARTNERSHIP not PURCHASE. We want to work with those who wish to “get in” to dental business and not those who want to “get out”. We want to hear from clinicians and team members who are looking for careers with a corporate whose culture is clearly stated. Education

  1. we intend to build a post-graduate clinical academy in Manchester

  2. we intend to build a business skills academy in Manchester

  3. we intend to create a full programme of in-house courses

  4. we intend to PARTNER with other recognised course providers

  5. we intend to manage our own internal brand standards via accreditation with all sections of the academy

  6. we intend to create career pathways and skill enhancement for all of our team members

  7. we intend to make these courses available to those outside of BKH


  1. to provide a full range of business and clinical consultancy services to continue and implement the work done in the academy

  2. available to our own practices and partner practices

  3. available to others outside of BKH

In addition, we will look at any other PARTNERSHIP in UK dentistry where we can provide the seed capital, working capital and management expertise to help launch a new business or grow/turnaround an existing business. That’s about as clear as I can be – I hope it helps.

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