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What are you selling?

Are you selling a thing or a relationship?

“buy my thing”


“buy me”

“buy us”

“buy our values”

Your thing is just a different thing from the last one.

There are some clever companies who can endlessly sell us the upgraded thing – we all know who they are and we all know who we are when it comes to upgrade time – early or late adopters.

The customer who is looking for a thing will be price sensitive and litigious.

The client who is looking for a relationship less so.

It’s all too easy in dentistry to talk about everyone as a patient or a provider.

Patients can be sub-divided into customers (looking for things) and clients (looking for a relationship).

Who would you rather serve?

That’s why Millennial dentists are prepared to work for less money in the private sector – a UDA is a thing.

That’s why NHS corporates exist – to sell things – enough things by 31st March to escape a penalty for not selling enough things.

Providers can be sub-divided into thing sellers and relationship builders.

Thing sellers – they don’t need a business coach – they just need a cheaper, faster, easier thing.

Relationship builders – they need a business coach – they want to know how to build better relationships with their teams, their providers and their clients.

I’m selling me and my core values – I can show you how to build better relationships with more people in less time.

If you like, I can also show you a thing or two.

What are you selling?

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