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Well? What next?

December has arrived – where did 2008 go? If you haven’t done so already (and I bet you haven’t), it’s time to schedule some time to plan:

  1. which weeks in 2009 will be your vacation weeks?

  2. which days will be your days “off” work – when you don’t DO anything to do with work or money?

  3. which days will be dedicated to leading your team and managing your professional and personal stuff:

  4. overall strategy

  5. financial management

  6. marketing systems

  7. customer relationship management

  8. operational controls

  9. your support team

  10. personal development

  11. which days will be focused on income generation?

  12. what will your production targets be for those days?

  13. which days will be allocated to entrepreneurial development?

  14. which days will be invested in advancing your own personal and professional skills?

  15. which days will be set aside to fulfill the priorities of your partner, your children, your immediate family and friends?

  16. which days will be gifted to charity?

It would be very easy to just “show up” again next year – and allow external influences to drive your life. Look what happened this year – and ask yourself how much better control you would like to exercise going forwards. At the risk of repeating myself, in 2009:

  1. do you have sufficient time?

  2. do you have a fabulous support team?

  3. do you have enough money?

Now IS the time to book the time to plan – and hire a facilitator (coach) to help you flesh those plans out and make you accountable for your progress.

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