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Welcoming the dawn

“The best laid schemes o’ mice an’ men Gang aft a-gley.”

So said Robert Burns in “To a mouse” and this morning brings good news and bad. After finishing Ashley’s course on Saturday and attending an evening meal at Simon Hocken’s home (quick cuddle with baby Harry), the 11.30pm arrival back in Falmouth cemented my decision to take 2 days off, Sunday and Monday, for recovery. So THE PLAN was to spend a couple of days just resting and recharging the batteries. Sunday was the first time in my life that, after a cuppa at 9.30am, I fell back asleep until after mid-day. That’s just not me. Most of the rest of the day was sprawled on my sofa, watching the Concert for Diana (or “Return of the Baby-Boomers with guitars” as it might have been called). In bed at 10.30pm and another long sleep until after 9.00am on Monday – but then the phone rang (the chap to repair the Dyson was 10 minutes away – oh my God – run around in underwear). After that, I had to check my emails to make sure that this week’s closing on the Florida property sale was still rolling along – and I just got sucked into “stuff”. In the event, my day was a combination of personal care (haircut, pick up picture from frame shop, prepare for week ahead) and an occasional glance at the emails. In bed at midnight last night – and couldn’t get to sleep. Finally turn out light at 1.00am. Wake at 3.00am. Wide awake – head full of trials and tribulations. Get up and start emails at 3.15am. It’s now 5.20am. Good news – all emails answered. Bad news – feel like crap – full day of meetings ahead and evening flight from Newquay to Gatwick then train to Central London. I’m going to be wrecked. Why don’t minds come with an “off” button?

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