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Webinar truffle

Friday I facilitated our third quarter workshop for clients in the San Diego and New York “chapters” of the Million Dollar Coaching Practice programme – and worked for 8 hours with 20+ coaches – all from the comfort of my UK apartment. How? By using the Webinar technology (ASAP 2.0) offered at The software sits “on top” of Instant messenger and is relatively easy for my team to offer and for clients to attend – i recommend you take a look. We researched and found the software after the good old INS refused my entry to the USA last April and it has kept my North American coaching practice alive whilst the INS decide whether or not they want me to return to the States to spend the million dollars a year that our business generates and pay over $100,000 a year in taxes – tough decision eh? Especially when I reflect that my Florida home seemed to be built by people who didn’t have a work permit between them. Anyway – that’s enough whining from me. Thank you Convoq for making it possible to connect via web cam, chat box and bridge with my clients and have a fun day (which began for me at 4.00pm and ended at midnight!). I always listen out for truffles on these days and, as always, there were many. I’ll be writing about some of them in a future ezine – but for now, here is one: “Let the client do the work in articulating the benefit in the work that you do.” –Chris Barrow, December 17th, 2004 Q3 Webinar When a client asks, “what benefit would there be for me in working with you/joining your programme?” Answer: “well you have heard my parable, my elevator speech and my presentation – you have read my business card – what benefit DO YOU think you would get?

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