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Wearing your fat pants

My favourite comment of the day – from a new client attending our Manchester workshop: “Up until last November I was an associate in a dental practice. I used to finish work by 6.00pm every evening and go to my gym for a work-out – then a few drinks with friends, a meal and in bed by 10.00pm. Then I bought my own dental practice. Now I work until 9.00pm most days, go home to drink half a bottle of Merlot and crash into bed. I am working evenings and weekends trying to keep my business on track, as well as delivering the dentistry. Last weekend I managed 9 holes of golf for the first time in ages, although I spent most of my time looking for lost balls. In the old days, when I returned from a vacation, I would wear my “fat pants” for a few weeks until I lost weight again. Now I wear my “fat pants” all the time.” What a succinct description of the pleasures of self-employment!

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