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Want to know more about the Dental Business School®?

Chris Barrow, UK dental business coach for more than 15 years has announced the relaunch of the Dental Business School*, a division of the Dental Business Club*. The revised DBS features a new coaching structure, extended regional training locations and guest speakers, along with various membership options. Chris describes the DBS as the “Coach Barrow experience” which is bigger, better supported and more effective than before. “I expect the 70 Dental Business School members and the 15 DBC Elite clients to become an exclusive group in their own right, practices at the cutting edge of dental business development. Enjoy an inside track on “what’s next” in the business of dentistry from a coach who can provoke, inspire and support a team to have their finger on the pulse,” Chris explained. In addition to quarterly meetings in 7 regional locations around the UK, DBS® membership will include full access to DBC™ Digital Coaching which entails:

  1. Unlimited emails with Chris Barrow

  2. Answers to your questions in no more than 36 hours (often sooner and sometimes in real time)

  3. Unlimited phone calls direct from Chris Barrow’s mobile – arranged and scheduled with Phillippa Goodwin

  4. A weekly, email accountability and progress report

  5. A monthly evening conference call

Each meeting will have a specific focus at each meeting on a topical, relevant and challenging aspect of dental business. The majority of the presentation will be delivered by Chris himself, but at each event there will also be an acknowledged expert in the dental field who comes along to share their wisdom and experience. Members will also have access to workbooks, templates, slides, etc. and the contact details of other school members throughout the UK and a private forum to exchange ideas and seek solutions. Chris added: “DBS membership comes with a guarantee that you will always get direct feedback – no matter how much it hurts!” Dates and presenters The following dates are available for DBS training days and below are the list of industry experts who will be presenting, along with their topics. Q1Q2Q3Q4Birmingham06/10/1117/01/1201/05/1202/08/12Edinburgh12/10/1111/01/1225/04/1211/07/12Manchester18/10/1113/01/1219/04/1231/07/12London24/11/1119/01/1229/03/1228/06/12Bristol24/01/1203/05/1207/08/1206/11/12Belfast14/02/1215/05/1211/09/1204/12/12Leeds23/02/1224/05/1209/08/1215/11/12

  1. Quarter 1 – Focus on Web Marketing, with guest speaker Krishan Joshi aka the Master, Internet Marketing Director at Dental Focus

  2. Quarter 2 – Focus on Finance, with guest speaker Andy McDougall of Spot On Business Planning

  3. Quarter 3 – Focus on Communication Skills, with guest speakers Dr Barry Oulton and Michelle Rhodes of Rhodes Oulton Innovations

  4. Quarter 4 – Focus on The Complete Patient Journey, with guest speaker Tracy Stuart from Designer Dental Training

DBS membership will cost £500 per month per practice and a day-delegate rate for each person who attends the quarterly meeting. Any interested parties are welcome to contact Chris Barrow to find out more via * The Dental Business School® (DBS) and Dental Business Club™ (DBC) are trademarks of Chris Barrow.

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