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Walking away from it

You know how sometimes you start a day’s work and just cannot get “into it”? There is stuff on your mind that gets in the way. You are too tired or too pre-occupied with “other stuff” to be able to give your best? It happened to me yesterday. After about three hours sat at my desk I had made no impression on the work for the day – I was just virtually shuffling paper around, losing concentration, wandering off to make coffee, even to do battle with a giant spider that had lodged itself in my bedroom curtains. At about 11.00am I realised that I was getting nowhere. So I just switched off and walked away from it all. Took the day off to deal with the “other stuff” head on. The spider had to go to that giant web in the sky, via my hoover. The “other stuff” has progressed. After a night’s sleep I am back this morning – not exactly 100% but better enough to do a day’s work. Sometimes you just have to walk away from it all and get some space. Even with 35 years in work this year, a vast reservoir of business experience, having read enough self-help books to fill an asylum library – I still have days when I just can’t do it. And that’s OK.

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