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Visibility and the power of positive thinking

Three examples here from yesterday. The first is a dental practice in Muswell Hill, North East London, who clearly still believe that there is a place for the “molar holding a toothbrush” in 21st Century dental marketing. I hasten to add this is not a client – I just walked by and couldn’t resist. Interesting that the brand over the door doesn’t look too bad – but, for me, the window display sends a message into the community that this is where you:

  1. take your kids and

  2. expect cheap as chips

and maybe that’s just what they want to achieve? Example number 2 was spotted as I was driven by a pub in Watford last night – I don’t know if you can read it too well but its says: “Welcome to the CREDIT CRUNCH HOUR – happy hour to be resumed” 5:30pm – 6:30pm Just a great example of British wit. And finally, my friend Harvey Grahame, who drives around the area in his Smart car, festooned with adverts for his practice at The Gingerbread House. (take a look at their home page) I’ve written about advertising on cars (even Smart cars) before – Ortho on a Mini in Reading and a GDP with a Smart car in the Western Isles – Harvey confirms that he enjoys loads of positive comments from patients. It may not be the comfiest ride in town (it wasn’t) but it gets attention. The moral of my tale is:

  1. be visible

  2. be visible for the right things

  3. be visible with a sense of humour

Smile – and the world smiles with you.

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