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Using patient video testimonials as part of your marketing

For some time now I’ve been wanting to showcase some examples of good patient video testimonials.

Last Friday I mentioned the work done by West Midlands micro-corporate Tri-Dental and their YouTube channel, heavily populated with “off the cuff” patient videos that have been collected using iPhone-ography. Here’s the link again.

It really is worth the watch, simply to prove that every variety of patient contains some that are willing to volunteer and that patients can talk about their long-term care as well as cosmetic results.

The next level of production quality is to engage the services of a local freelance film-maker and I’ll share with you a few examples in the days ahead.

The first is Charlie Turner who writes:

Hi Chris,

My name is Charlie and I believe my Mum spoke to you about the videography work I do and have done for them recently.

A bit about my history, so I studied a Practical Filmmaking BA and achieved a 2:1, this enabled me to shoot and edit videos to a high standard. Since I have left Film School I have been working in the industry gaining as much professional knowledge and experience as possible, but now however I have decided to start my own video production company, making films for small local businesses then expanding from there.

Here’s an example of Charlie’s work.

He can be contacted at

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