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Useful tips on YouTube and patient video testimonials

I've mentioned before that having a branded and actively managed YouTube channel for both referring GDPs and patients is an essential part of your marketing collateral.

The branding is free and easy to set up, the channel is free to maintain and you can add links to all of your other marketing channels - website, social media pages, blogs, vlogs and newsletters.

I subscribe to a dozen such channels and, frankly, I'm sometimes disappointed that, after an early rush of enthusiasm, they often fall into hibernation as Owners and Marketing Managers get distracted by other activities.

Recently I had the opportunity to review the YouTube channel created by my client and friend Dr. Ope Sodeinde of London Dental Specialists.

Here is a link to the YouTube channel:

Only 47 people have chosen to subscribe (that's quite normal) but his collection has been viewed over 6,800 times and forms and integral part of how he maintains comms with GDPs and reassures potential new patients that they have made the right choice in seeing him.

I commented to Ope that the video editing had been done very well and his marketing coach Vanessa Elwell responded with some useful tips:

"Thanks Chris, It's a really enjoyable process.

Ope and I have it down to a fine art… Ope does a magnificent job of asking; patients just are generally so grateful and happy. Then generally a separate appointment is made, where I then step in.

I find the whole process really rewarding. It’s so lovely talking to patients, learning about their life before and how much more confident they have become.

The key is to ensure they feel really 100% relaxed in front of the camera, which can take a little time.

Preparation is vital

1- Explanation of the media release form, I always discuss their preferences and verbally discuss that this means, and if they are happy.

2- We then go through the storyboard 3 sections which include questions relating to their treatment.

3- Getting the lighting right.. so important.

4- I always tell them I am an ace at editing (bit of a fib, but it seems to get them more relaxed) and so they can use as many “erms’ as they like.

Filming takes about an 45 mins

1- Take some cutaways of Ope talking to the patient, in the chair and at the desk. 2- Take one question at a time. repeat if necessary 3- Make it fun… build rapport. (I am good at that)

Editing I have graduated from iMovie to Final Pro cut. I also like to use as well. It takes time, but worth the effort. I use for the subtitles Hope that’s helpful : ) see you later !! BTW loving my Thursday lunchtimes with Chris and Lisa : )" Vanessa Elwell Dental Marketing Freelancer 07715 001728

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