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Used to…..

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Things I hear every week:

We used to…..

  1. have daily huddles

  2. hand out referral business cards

  3. ask for word of mouth recommendations

  4. send out a regular patient newsletter

  5. advertise on the radio

  6. have fun and regular team meetings before they sold the business

I used to…..

  1. eat well

  2. read books

  3. play golf

  4. go to the gym

  5. spend time with the kids

  6. drink less

  7. enjoy the dentistry

  8. spend a lot less time looking at notifications on my phone

Strange, isn’t it, how the “used to” list is almost always a list of things that are good for our business and for us?

In which case – what the hell are we doing with the time that the “used to” list has freed up?

As I recently commented to a friend who asked why Coach Barrow had gone solo again:

“I’ve decided that I want a lifestyle business – primarily because I want a lifestyle.”

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