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Pretty chuffed that this has finally appeared – a project that began 2 years ago and was, shall we say, “interrupted” by the course of history.

I know I’m biased in about 3 different directions here – but I have read the book and it is very good, if I don’t say so myself (given that I actually contributed about 25% of the content, 50% from Mr Gerber and 25% from Dr Kwong Hing).

Well worth adding to your dental business bookshelf no matter what stage of your career and I’m not motivated by financial considerations as I won’t see a dime or a penny (and don’t need to).

I genuinely hope some are helped and inspired by this. It took quite a bit of creating – and I also want to thank Erica Kilburn and the team at EK Communications for converting my ramblings into readable paragraphs.

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