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Good fun last night, presenting the 7th in our series of business webinars, this time on the subject of “balance”.

There is always something rather ironic about lecturing to people on their time and priority management, when your own family, friends and colleagues are telling you to “slow down”, because you are racing around the country lecturing to others on time management.

My bump on the head was a timely reminder that I’m not actually 28 years old and a measure of decorum may well seep into my performance and behaviour going forward.

Not running in the mornings is driving me crazy and my physical self-esteem (a.k.a vanity) is at a low ebb. I’ve been waiting for the dizzy spells to subside – they haven’t and so a trip to the chiropractor seems to be looming (when I can find a minute!) but I’m getting to the stage now where I’ll just get my trainers on and go out – damn the consequences. If they find me wobbling along a local river valley, so be it.

A beach holiday in August looms and I don’t want anyone saying “you look like that guy off The Island – but bigger”.

I remember the late, great Thomas Leonard observing that “we coach our clients on the things we need to learn the most”.

Preparing for the webinar reminded me of all things around which I need to sharpen up my act and the good material I have discovered over the years, from the giants on whose shoulders I have sat.

Stephen Covey – 7 habits

Dan Sullivan – Strategic Coach

Michael Gerber – The E-Myth Revisited

Seth Godin – his blog and “Tribes”

and many others whose books I have enjoyed and absorbed.

I spent some time last night reminding my audience that The Perfect Imperfectionist aims to be excellent 80% of the time and flawed 20% of the time.

Its OK – and any person or group who demand that you are 100% (fundamentalists) are to be avoided at all costs.

I’m a great coach 80% of the time – lousy 20%.

Same goes for being a life-partner, friend, Dad, team member, business partner, runner, writer, speaker, leader, manager, customer and so on.

Same goes for you – you can aim to be great at what you do 80% of the time – but aim to screw up 20% – it will make you a much nicer person to be around.

Demand 80% of others – not 100% – and stop rolling your eyes when they are not as wonderful as you think you are.

Just calm down a bit – OK? Whatever it is? Its not really that important.

Don’t ever be bullied by other people’s agendas, deadlines, threats or ultimatums – it isn’t actually life or death – they are just saying that to get your attention.

The difference between life or death is whether you are breathing or not – its not whether you completed a project on time, paid a bill, made a sale, hit a target, climbed a mountain, finished a challenge. Thats all just “stuff” and we can live fulfilled and happy lives without any “stuff” at all. 

“Stuff” just makes it all a bit more comfortable – but it doesn’t help us to breathe.

I thought I would share the mind map with you this morning – there are many ideas in there from the giants who I mentioned just now – and a few from me.


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