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flying buttress is a specific form of buttressing most strongly associated with Gothic church architecture. The purpose of any buttress is to resist the lateral forces pushing a wall outwards (which may arise from stone vaulted ceilings or from wind-loading on roofs) by redirecting them to the ground. The defining characteristic of a flying buttress is that the buttress is not in contact with the wall like a traditional buttress; lateral forces are transmitted across an intervening space between the wall and the buttress.

Flying buttress systems have two key components – a massive vertical masonry block (the buttress) on the outside of the building and a segmental or quadrant arch bridging the gap between that buttress and the wall (the “flyer”).


I spend a lot of time listening to…..

Employers who are bullied and victimised by their employees behaviour.

Business owners who are bullied and victimised by their bank.

Professional sales people who are bullied and victimised by their customers.

Breadwinners who are bullied and victimised by their own families.

They seem to get dragged into a fight they cannot win and pay the price of emotional exhaustion.

Sometimes it isn’t necessary for us to be the hero and take the pressure.

Sometimes it’s OK to say:

“I don’t want to have that conversation right now.”

“It isn’t necessary for me to play the game you want to play.”

“You are the solution to your problem – not me.”

“I didn’t make you feel that way – you made you feel that way.”

“Go ahead and sue me.”

You can redirect the pressures that other people put you under into the ground.

You don’t have to take part in their rackets.

The first rule of martial arts is to “walk away”.

It doesn’t make you a coward – it makes you a smart survivor.

Create some flying buttresses in your life by learning to say “no”.

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