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Ok so here’s the deal.

20 days starting at midnight tonight and ending on Saturday 16th August.


No to:

  1. tea and coffee

  2. alcohol

  3. sugar

  4. dairy products

  5. pasta

  6. bread

  7. potato

  8. rice

Yes to:

  1. meat, fish, fowl, eggs

  2. fruit, nuts (no peanuts), vegetables

  3. water in abundance

  4. herbal teas

Regular aerobic exercise.


Current weight 74 kgs.

Current level of fitness – poor by my standards.

Current level of toxins in body – high.

Currents levels of tiredness – high.

Oh – and The Perfect Imperfectionist will be taking a day off on Saturday 9th August to attend a birthday party.

If you fancy joining me then tag along. I’ll be reporting on my progress – prepare for some grumpy days ahead…

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