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Spotted at the south end of Park Lane this morning.

It occurs to me that there is nothing clever about this.

We all spend far too much of our time trying to balance the “elephants in the room” in the fruitless attempt to maintain a quiet life.

The elephants are the things, situations and people whose performance and behaviour we tolerate.

I am paid to spend countless hours listening to clients tell me ALL the stories that prove conclusively that the elephant  (thing, situation or person that they are tolerating) is wrong:

“and then this happened”

“and then he said this”

“and then it got worse”

My response is always the same.

If the elephant is a thing – fix it or replace it.

If the elephant is a situation – make a decision.

If the elephant is a person?

If they are on the bus – compassion, care, help, assistance, training, coaching, mentoring.

If they are off the bus – get rid.

Nobody ever said that balancing elephants was of any use – except that the elephant and the audience love it.

You just get knackered and look a lot daft.

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