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Unsolicited sales calls

My mobile phone rings and it’s a London number that I don’t recognise – but I answer.

“Morning Mr. Barrow, this is the upgrade centre – I wonder if I could have a word with you about your mobile phone billing?”

“Well I might do but which upgrade centre are you?”

“Well we are the upgrade centre that helps you with your mobile phone billing.”

“So which company are you calling from?”

“I’m calling from the upgrade centre.”

“Yes – I know you are calling from the upgrade centre but which company are you calling from?” I can sense his fingers running up and down his flow chart, looking for the standard response to a question he hasn’t got written down.

“It’s the upgrade centre – can I ask you some questions about your mobile phone useage?”

“Which company are you calling from?”

“I’m calling from Vodaphone.”

“OK – so I use O2 for my mobile phone and you are making an unsolicited phone call from Vodaphone to try and convince me to switch from O2 to Vodaphone – is that correct?”

“I’d like to help you reduce your mobile phone costs.”

“So you are making an unsolicited phone call to try and sell me a new mobile phone provider. I don’t like unsolicited phone calls and I’d like you to remove my name from your list and make no further calls.”

“OK Sir.”

Bugger off Vodaphone. Actually,if you click here, you can go to the Google page where they have a sponsored link – click on their link at the top of the page and it will cost them money – I did.

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