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Unity Partnership Challenge – update

Can I firstly express my gratitude to my client, best friend and fellow Unity Partnership member, Tim Thackrah at Elmsleigh House. We are in the middle of a quarterly coaching day and Tim is allowing me to keep an eye on the progress of our challenge. Right now – 15:15, we have 6 confirmed new Unity Partnership members – practices who have committed £2500 before 31st August (and £250 for three years) to train a Tanzanian clinical officer. I’m offering to donate £3000 of free coaching services to EVERYONE who joins. £3000 to ALL and an extra £1950 to a drawn winner if we hit our target of 9 new UP members. I’m going to extend my deadline for the extra £1950 to 17:00 Monday – so that you have the weekend to consider, decide and act. The response has been staggering and overwhelming – thank you. We need 3 new practices to agree – please have a think over the weekend. Thank you all and thank you Tim for tolerating the distraction from his coaching day.

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