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UK independent dentists are doomed

That’s right – doomed. Doomed to exctinction. Why?

  1. Dental corporates overwhelming the NHS market and competing for UDA’s on terms that cannot be matched;

  2. Virgin Healthcare hoovering up your best team members and offering families “points making prizes” on affordable private care;

  3. The GDC introducing a raft of new regulation and legislation to constrict and control the activities of the troublesome independent;

  4. Marks and Spencer announcing that there will be a recession later this year – so discretionary spending on cosmetic dentistry will dry up.

So, frankly, if I were you I would give up – sell out, pay off the loans, retire early, take on a Tupperware party franchise or just buy a boat and sail away. You are all screwed. OK? Have they gone? The miserable ones. Have they left? Good. Right. For those who are still there? UK independent dentists are going to make a fortune! The 1000 independent practices that survive the next 5 years? You are going to make a fortune with

  1. patients over 50

  2. patients aged 25-35

  3. ortho and

  4. families

who want an alternative to faceless disinterested corporates and insincerely positive idiots. Now that all the miserable moaning defeatist buggers have buggered off. Let’s get to work and help you build a 5-star practice that will be a joy to work in and will create income and wealth for you. Ready?

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