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Two Reds are Better Than One S4 E06: 'Farting into a Hurricane'

an interview with personal trainer Mike Robinson

Well if you are wondering about the title of this week's podcast, then you are going to have to listen to the whole thing.

Our interview this week was with Mike Robinson, a Personal Trainer from Salford, Lancashire.

Mike is not only a brilliant personal trainer, but a good friend of Ashley's.

Because of the lockdown situation we are all in it has never been more important to fulfil your daily activity and maintain a healthy diet; hence why we interviewed Mike.

In this interview, he shares everything we can do to stay fit, healthy and positive during lock down.

You will discover:

  • The benefits of daily activity and having a planned fitness regime

  • What needs to be in your daily regime for it to work

  • How to stay motivated to reach your goals and how to stay on track

  • What you need to do to keep away from the biscuit tin and the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. Although you are entitled to the occasional treat

  • How to remain positive and the importance of adapting to the new situation we are all in


Listen on iTunes, your favourite podcast player, or below.

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