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Two Reds are Better Than One - S05 E07: How not to be a nob

In this no holding back interview, Chris and Ashley interviewed Nigel Risner a second time for the 'Two Reds are Better than one Podcast' and it was truly a brilliant interview.

Chris and Ashley specifically asked Nigel's thoughts on the current challenges Dental Owners are facing with recruitment, staff retention and motivating their team.

You will learn:

  • How to adapt to change and uncertainty

  • Understand why people leave and tips to make sure that you retain great people

  • How to understand what is important when your team comes to work. The conversation around understanding your team's personal needs is worth the time you will invest by listening to this podcast

  • How to adopt a resilience attitude to life and what you can learn from the athletes who took part in the Olympics

  • The power of appreciation, in particular hand written letters/cards

  • The power of the 1% and the difference it can make on performance

  • The 211 to the 212 strategy, you will need to listen to the end of the podcast to understand this one single strategy


There is something in this podcast for everyone and we promise that your life will be better for the 40 minutes you invest by listening.

Listen via the player below or your favourite podcast player.

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