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Two Reds Are Better Than One - S04 E4: How successful people think and behave during a crisis

We were delighted to have Chris Brindley MBE back on this podcast again, as he shares his inspiration and strategies so that you use this down-time effectively and create a winning attitude of success.

On this podcast you will learn:

  • How to change your mind-set and develop a more positive attitude

  • How successful people think and behave during a crisis

  • How you cannot control the uncontrollable, but focus on what you can change

  • What are the important lessons you can learn about this downtime and what to change for the future

  • The important lesson of having reserves in your business

  • How to communicate with your clients and ensure that you ring fence them


If that isn't enough you will also discover the two biggest mistakes Ashley, and the two Chris's have made at home to get the biggest telling off from their wives.

Listen above or on iTunes, Stitcher or Google Player.

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