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Two Reds are Better Than One - S04 E03: How to survive and thrive in turbulent times

James Goolnik opened Bow Lane Dental in 2001 in the centre of London. Today it is a multi specialist practice providing all treatments in-house.

James qualified from Kings College in 1992. His bio includes past president of the prestigious BACD, and he was also voted twice by the Dental Trade as the most influential dentist in the UK. He has lectured all over the world and is the author of two books 'Brush' and 'Kick Sugar'.

James is a client and a good friend to both Chris and Ashley and there are many nuggets and take-aways in this podcast including:

  • How to stay positive in turbulent times and what James' daily routine will be during the Covid-19 period

  • The importance of meditating and the value it can have on reducing stress and worry

  • The value of having a morning routine and the positive impact it can have on your day

  • How James is dealing with the current crisis with his team, and the strategies they are implementing to stay positive during the next few months

James talks a lot in the podcast about the value of nutrition, especially to your health and wellbeing, and he talks passionately about his new book 'Kick Sugar'.

James also shares his beliefs on what will happen when Covid-19 is over and the positive, up-beat forecasts he gives for all dental practices.

Listen with a pen and paper.

Listening time: 47 minutes 43 seconds

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